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1 Bridging the GAPs in plant reproduction: a comparison of plant and animal GPI-anchored proteins Desnoyer, Nicholas

33 3-4 p. 129-142
2 Comparative transcriptome analysis of gynoecious and monoecious inflorescences reveals regulators involved in male flower development in the woody perennial plant Jatropha curcas Zhao, Mei-Li

33 3-4 p. 191-204
3 Expression of Brassica napus GLO1 is sufficient to breakdown artificial self-incompatibility in Arabidopsis thaliana Kenney, Patrick

33 3-4 p. 159-171
4 Identification of pollen and pistil polygalacturonases in Nicotiana tabacum and their function in interspecific stigma compatibility Liao, Jugou

33 3-4 p. 173-190
5 Insights into the molecular control of cross-incompatibility in Zea mays Lu, Yongxian

33 3-4 p. 117-128
6 Live Imaging of embryogenic structures in Brassica napus microspore embryo cultures highlights the developmental plasticity of induced totipotent cells Corral-Martínez, Patricia

33 3-4 p. 143-158
7 Quantitative methods in microscopy to assess pollen viability in different plant taxa Ascari, Lorenzo

33 3-4 p. 205-219
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