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1 Analytical and Clinical Performance of Droplet Digital PCR in the Detection and Quantification of SARS-CoV-2 Kim, Kyoung Bo

25 5 p. 617-628
2 Bi-specific and Tri-specific NK Cell Engagers: The New Avenue of Targeted NK Cell Immunotherapy Phung, Shee Kwan

25 5 p. 577-592
3 Clinical Exome Reanalysis: Current Practice and Beyond Ji, Jianling

25 5 p. 529-536
4 Development and Evaluation of a Droplet Digital PCR Assay for 8p23 β-Defensin Cluster Copy Number Determination Wen, Tingting

25 5 p. 607-615
5 Follicular T Helper and Breg Cell Balance in Severe Allergic Asthma Before and After Omalizumab Therapy Bergantini, Laura

25 5 p. 593-605
6 Metastasis Prevention: Focus on Metastatic Circulating Tumor Cells Menyailo, Maxim E.

25 5 p. 549-562
7 Milestones of Precision Medicine: An Innovative, Multidisciplinary Overview García-Foncillas, Jesús

25 5 p. 563-576
8 Piflufolastat F 18: Diagnostic First Approval Keam, Susan J.

25 5 p. 647-656
9 Prognostic Biomarker-Based Identification of Drugs for Managing the Treatment of Endometrial Cancer Kaur, Dilraj

25 5 p. 629-646
10 The Opportunities and Challenges of Molecular Tagging Next-Generation Sequencing in Liquid Biopsy De Luca, Giuseppa

25 5 p. 537-547
                             10 results found
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