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1 Association Between Vitamin D Supplementation and Statin-Associated Muscle Symptoms: A Systematic Review Teo, Chong Boon

29 4 p. 337-351
2 Cholesterol-Lowering Therapy in Patients at Low-to-Moderate Cardiovascular Risk Figorilli, Filippo

29 4 p. 327-336
3 Health-Related Quality of Life of HIV Positive Patients with Hypertension: Is There an Association with Blood Pressure Control? Jackson, Idongesit L.

29 4 p. 393-400
4 Machine learning approach to predict subtypes of primary aldosteronism is helpful to estimate indication of adrenal vein sampling Tamaru, Shinichi

29 4 p. 375-383
5 Serum Uric Acid Levels and Cardiometabolic Profile in Middle-Aged, Treatment-Naïve Hypertensive Patients Theofilis, Panagiotis

29 4 p. 367-374
6 Systolic Blood Pressure to Diastolic Blood Pressure Ratios in Diabetic and Non-diabetic Patients: Deviation from Golden Ratio Atmaca, Hasan

29 4 p. 401-404
7 Telemedicine for the Clinical Management of Diabetes; Implications and Considerations After COVID-19 Experience de Kreutzenberg, Saula Vigili

29 4 p. 319-326
8 Temporal Analysis of Sequential Changes in Heart Rate Variability During Non-hypotensive Hypovolemia Yadav, Kavita

29 4 p. 385-391
9 Ventricular-Arterial Uncoupling and Hypertension Mediated Diastolic Dysfunction Piskorz, Daniel

29 4 p. 361-366
10 World Hypertension Day 2021 in Italy: Results of a Nationwide Survey Del Pinto, Rita

29 4 p. 353-359
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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