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1 Cumulative Adverse Event Reporting of Anaphylaxis After mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech) Injections in Japan: The First-Month Report Iguchi, Toyotaka

44 11 p. 1209-1214
2 Desloratadine Exposure and Incidence of Seizure: A Nordic Post-authorization Safety Study Using a New-User Cohort Study Design, 2001–2015 Ersbøll, Annette Kjær

44 11 p. 1231-1242
3 Drug-Induced Liver Injury: Highlights and Controversies in the Recent Literature Clinton, Joseph William

44 11 p. 1125-1149
4 Identifying Actionability as a Key Factor for the Adoption of ‘Intelligent’ Systems for Drug Safety: Lessons Learned from a User-Centred Design Approach Gavriilidis, George I.

44 11 p. 1165-1178
5 Inconsistent Safety Outcome Reporting in Randomized Clinical Trials of COVID-19 Vaccines Complicates Informed Medical Decisions Blais, Joseph E.

44 11 p. 1121-1123
6 Role of Drug–Gene Interactions and Pharmacogenetics in Simvastatin-Associated Pulmonary Toxicity Jessurun, Naomi T.

44 11 p. 1179-1191
7 Surveillance of Antidepressant Safety (SADS): Active Signal Detection of Serious Medical Events Following SSRI and SNRI Initiation Using Big Healthcare Data Aakjær, Mia

44 11 p. 1215-1230
8 Systematising Pharmacovigilance Engagement of Patients, Healthcare Professionals and Regulators: A Practical Decision Guide Derived from the International Risk Governance Framework for Engagement Events and Discourse Bahri, Priya

44 11 p. 1193-1208
9 Validating Claims-Based Algorithms Determining Pregnancy Outcomes and Gestational Age Using a Linked Claims-Electronic Medical Record Database Moll, Keran

44 11 p. 1151-1164
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