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1 A social-ecological trap perspective to explain the emergence and persistence of illegal fishing in small-scale fisheries Nahuelhual, Laura

19 1 p. 105-117
2 Coastal resource foraging, the culture of coastal livelihoods, and human well-being in Southeastern Puerto Rico: consensus, consonance, and some implications for coastal policy García-Quijano, Carlos G.

19 1 p. 53-65
3 Coping with climate variability and non-climate stressors in the West African Oyster (Crassostrea tulipa) fishery in coastal Ghana Atindana, Sandra Akugpoka

19 1 p. 81-92
4 Correction to: Gender norms and relations: implications for agency in coastal livelihoods Lawless, Sarah

19 1 p. 119
5 Exploring the agentic power in fishery: reflections from fishing communities of Lake Tanganyika, Kigoma, Tanzania Bulengela, Gideon Silvester

19 1 p. 93-104
6 Livelihood transitions and social wellbeing on the Atlantic Forest Coast of Brazil Idrobo, C. Julián

19 1 p. 67-79
7 Pay Gaps Between Domestic and International Fishers: an Economic or Ethical Issue? Jones, Estelle

19 1 p. 15-27
8 Tackling coastal “overfishing” in Fiji: advocating for indigenous worldview, knowledge, and values to be the backbone of fisheries management strategies Fache, Elodie

19 1 p. 41-52
9 The role of land tenure in livelihood transitions from fishingto tourism Fabinyi, Michael

19 1 p. 29-39
10 The Svalbard archipelago: an exploratory analysis of port investment in the context of the new arctic routes Nyman, Elizabeth

19 1 p. 1-13
                             10 results found
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