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1 Anticancer Activities and Mechanism of Action of Nagilactones, a Group of Terpenoid Lactones Isolated from Podocarpus Species Bailly, Christian

10 6 p. 367-375
2 Anti-inflammatory Effects and Mechanisms of Rhein, an Anthraquinone Compound, and Its Applications in Treating Arthritis: A Review Wang, Hongjuan

10 6 p. 445-452
3 A Systemic Review on Topical Marketed Formulations, Natural Products, and Oral Supplements to Prevent Androgenic Alopecia: A Review Ashique, Sumel

10 6 p. 345-365
4 Hordatines as a Potential Inhibitor of COVID-19 Main Protease and RNA Polymerase: An In-Silico Approach Dahab, Mohammed A.

10 6 p. 453-462
5 The upshot of Polyphenolic compounds on immunity amid COVID-19 pandemic and other emerging communicable diseases: An appraisal Khalil, Ayman

10 6 p. 411-429
6 Traditional Herbal Medicines Against CNS Disorders from Bangladesh Uddin, Md. Josim

10 6 p. 377-410
7 Utilization of Swertia chirayita Plant Extracts for Management of Diabetes and Associated Disorders: Present Status, Future Prospects and Limitations Dey, Pinaki

10 6 p. 431-443
                             7 results found
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