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1 A framework for evaluating the impact of mobile games, technological innovation and collaborative learning on students’ motivation Mivehchi, Leila

39 1 p. 27-36
2 How does paradoxical leadership affect innovation in teams: An integrated multilevel dual process model Dashuai, Ren

39 1 p. 11-26
3 How leaders can initiate knowledge management in organizations: Role of leadership style in building knowledge infrastructure Novak, Andrej

39 1 p. 37-50
4 Paternalistic leadership and pro-social rule breaking: The moderating roles of psychological empowerment and leader-member exchange Tu, Chiang-Kuo

39 1 p. 93-103
5 Testing Hofstede’s 6-D model in the North and Northwest regions of Morocco: Implications for human resource development Louahabi, Younes

39 1 p. 105-115
6 The content and role of human capital in the modern economy of Kazakhstan Janshanlo, Ramzan E.

39 1 p. 81-92
7 The effects of Tier-1 capital to risk management, and profitability on performance using multiple fixed effect panel data model Rangkuti, Zulkifli

39 1 p. 117-128
8 The influence of income and working time of rural migrant workers on health: The mediating effect of life stress and the moderating effect of marital status Yang, Chunjiang

39 1 p. 69-80
9 The informational role of average rating and variance of customer ratings in the differential patterns of consumer behavior Gasimli, Vasif

39 1 p. 1-10
10 Understanding sustainable human resource management – organizational value linkages: The strength of the SHRM system Karman, Agnieszka

39 1 p. 51-68
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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