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1 Causal-Consistent Replay Reversible Semantics for Message Passing Concurrent Programs Lanese, Ivan

178 3 p. 229-266
2 Diamond Subgraphs in the Reduction Graph of a One-Rule String Rewriting System Adinayev, Arthur

178 3 p. 173-185
3 On the General Position Number of Complementary Prisms Neethu, P. K.

178 3 p. 267-281
4 Optimal Wirelength of Balanced Complete Multipartite Graphs onto Cartesian Product of {Path, Cycle} and Trees Arockiaraj, Micheal

178 3 p. 187-202
5 Parallel Algorithms for Minimal Nondeterministic Finite Automata Inference Jastrzab, Tomasz

178 3 p. 203-227
                             5 results found
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