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1 Axiomatizing Rectangular Grids with no Extra Non-unary Relations Kopczyński, Eryk

176 2 p. 129-138
2 Comparison of Different Data Mining Methods to Determine Disease Progression in Dissimilar Groups of Parkinson’s Patients Przybyszewski, Andrzej W.

176 2 p. 167-181
3 Constructing Node-Independent Spanning Trees in Augmented Cubes Cheng, Baolei

176 2 p. 103-128
4 Pattern and Rule Mining for Identifying Signatures of Epileptic Patients from Clinical EEG Data Dasgupta, Abhijit

176 2 p. 141-166
5 Preface Ghosh, Kuntal

176 2 p. 139-140
6 Structured Gaussian Process Regression of Music Mood Chapaneri, Santosh

176 2 p. 183-203
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