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1 Adaptive Virtual Organisms: A Compositional Model for Complex Hardware-software Binding*,† Paduraru, Ciprian Ionut

173 2-3 p. 139-176
2 A Many-sorted Polyadic Modal Logic Leuştean, Ioana

173 2-3 p. 191-215
3 Causal Reasoning for Safety in Hennessy Milner Logic Caltais, Georgiana

173 2-3 p. 217-251
4 Modal Equivalence and Bisimilarity in Many-valued Modal Logics with Many-valued Accessibility Relations Diaconescu, Denisa

173 2-3 p. 177-189
5 Parametric Systems: Verification and Synthesis Sofronie-Stokkermans, Viorica

173 2-3 p. 91-138
6 Preface Kleijn, Jetty

173 2-3 p. i-ii
                             6 results found
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