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1 Comparative analyses of the infiltration of Al–Cr–O and Mg–Cr–O refractories by molten phases in the copper-making process using the sessile drop technique Pérez, Ismael

59 1 p. 15-24
2 Digital decoration for ceramic tiles: The effect of glazes particle size distribution on the inkjet decoration Jaramillo Nieves, Leidy Johana

59 1 p. 44-48
3 Editorial
59 1 p. 1
4 Effect of the pH pre-adjustment on the formation of In2W3O12 and In6WO12 powders: Cluster coordination and optical band gap de Paiva, Rafael Texeira

59 1 p. 2-14
5 Synthesis and characterization of low cost nanosilica from sodium silicate solution and their applications in ceramic engobes El-Didamony, Hamdy

59 1 p. 31-43
6 The preparation of meso-porous membranes from Tunisian clay Kamoun, Naoufel

59 1 p. 25-30
                             6 results found
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