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1 Development of sustainable calcium silicate board: Utilization of different solid wastes Hossain, S.K.S.

58 6 p. 274-284
2 Editorial
58 6 p. 237
3 Evaluación de la resistencia al choque término de hormigones refractarios silicoaluminosos. Efecto del tratamiento térmico Faccin, Federico

58 6 p. 246-254
4 Influence of fly ash and steam on microstructure and mechanical properties of oxide bonded porous SiC ceramics Das, Dulal

58 6 p. 255-262
5 Performance of graphene oxide-modified electrodeposited ZnO/Cu2O heterojunction solar cells Rosas-Laverde, Nelly Maria

58 6 p. 263-273
6 Uso de multiinyector para electro-hilado de fibras cerámicas en aplicaciones energéticas Campana, Roberto

58 6 p. 238-245
                             6 results found
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