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1 A fourth-order B-spline collocation method for nonlinear Burgers–Fisher equation Singh, Aditi

14 1 p. 75-85
2 A globally convergent hybrid conjugate gradient method with strong Wolfe conditions for unconstrained optimization Kaelo, P.

14 1 p. 1-9
3 A numerical method for pricing discrete double barrier option by Chebyshev polynomials Kamalzadeh, Fatemeh

14 1 p. 91-96
4 A numerical method with a control parameter for integro-differential delay equations with state-dependent bounds via generalized Mott polynomial Kürkçü, Ömür Kıvanç

14 1 p. 43-52
5 Bivariate exponentiated discrete Weibull distribution: statistical properties, estimation, simulation and applications El- Morshedy, M.

14 1 p. 29-42
6 Common set of weights and efficiency improvement on the basis of separation vector in two-stage network data envelopment analysis Kiaei, Hamid

14 1 p. 53-65
7 Inferences on the regression coefficients in panel data models: parametric bootstrap approach Esmaeli-Ayan, A.

14 1 p. 67-73
8 Numerical solution of an integral equation arising in the problem of cruciform crack using Daubechies scale function Mouley, Jyotirmoy

14 1 p. 21-27
9 On the identification of finite non-group semigroups of a given order Monsef, M.

14 1 p. 87-90
10 On the inverse eigenvalue problem of symmetric nonnegative matrices Nazari, A. M.

14 1 p. 11-19
                             10 results found
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