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1 Audit and Earnings Management in Spanish Smes*,** Huguet, David

19 3 p. 171-187
2 Growth and Structure of Authorship and Co-Authorship Network in the Strategic Management Realm: Evidence from the Strategic Management Journal Koseoglu, Mehmet Ali

19 3 p. 153-170
3 Target Leverage and Speed of Adjustment along the Life Cycle of European Listed Firms Castro, Paula

19 3 p. 188-205
4 The Region-Of-Origin Effect on the Preferences of Financial Institution'S Customers: Analysis of the Influence of Ethnocentrism García-Gallego, José Manuel

19 3 p. 206-218
5 What Makes Firms Embrace Risks? A Risk-Taking Capability Perspective Hsiu-FenTsai,

19 3 p. 219-231
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