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1 Affective Commitment to the Employer Brand: Development and Validation of a Scale Fernandez-Lores, Susana

19 1 p. 40-54
2 Do Investors React to Corporate Governance News? An Empirical Analysis for the Spanish Market* Utrero-González, Natalia

19 1 p. 13-25
3 Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Competitive Performance in Spanish Smes: Empirical Evidence from a Stakeholders’ Perspective* Madueño, Jesús Herrera

19 1 p. 55-72
4 Submissions and Research Impact at Brq: Gradual Changes Weave Their Way Vázquez, Xosé H.

19 1 p. 1-2
5 The Importance of Corporate Brand Identity in Business Management: An Application to the Uk Banking Sector Buil, Isabel

19 1 p. 3-12
6 The Individual and Joint Effects of Process Control and Process-Based Rewards on New Product Performance and Job Satisfaction Carbonell, Pilar

19 1 p. 26-39
                             6 gevonden resultaten
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