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1 Effectiveness of Radio Spokesperson'S Gender, Vocal Pitch and Accent and the Use of Music in Radio Advertising Martín-Santana, Josefa D.

18 3 p. 143-160
2 Institutional Directors and Board Compensation: Spanish Evidence* López-Iturriaga, Felix

18 3 p. 161-173
3 Investment Decisions of Companies in Financial Distress López-Gutiérrez, Carlos

18 3 p. 174-187
4 Proposal of A Social Alliance Success Model from A Relationship Marketing Perspective: A Meta-Analytical Study of the Theoretical Foundations Barroso-Méndez, María Jesús

18 3 p. 188-203
5 The Impact of Educational Levels on Formal and Informal Entrepreneurship Jiménez, Alfredo

18 3 p. 204-212
                             5 results found
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