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1 Dynamic balancing of two-plane rotor without phase angle measurement using amplitude subtraction method Bhende, Amit R

50 9-11 p. 328-333
2 Effect of general boundary and coupling conditions on the vibration and power flow characteristics of a coupled H-shaped three-plate structure Mahapatra, Kavikant

50 9-11 p. 291-305
3 Estimation of coupling loss factors for rectangular plates with different materials and junctions Bhagwan, Mandale Maruti

50 9-11 p. 306-312
4 Rolling element bearing fault detection based on the complex Morlet wavelet transform and performance evaluation using artificial neural network and support vector machine Malla, Chandrabhanu

50 9-11 p. 313-327
5 The effect of multidimensional temperature distribution on the vibrational characteristics of a size-dependent thick bi-directional functionally graded microplate Bakhsheshy, Ali

50 9-11 p. 267-290
                             5 results found
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