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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 Design of a new integrated controller (braking and steering) to maintain the stability of a long articulated vehicle Esmaeili, Naser

234 5 p. 981-1013
2 Difference between the ideal and combined spherical joints and its effects on parallel manipulators Fan, Shuai

234 5 p. 1112-1129
3 Discussion of Hwang and Chen's constraint equations to eliminate order, circuit and branch defects for the paper: Defect-free synthesis of Stephenson-III motion generators, published in Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 2008; 222: 2485–2494 Lin, Wen-Yi

234 5 p. 1130-1134
4 Dynamic effects on spur gear pairs power loss lubricated with axle gear oils Hammami, Maroua

234 5 p. 1069-1084
5 Dynamic turning force prediction and feature parameters extraction of machine tool based on ARMA and HHT Zhang, Bao

234 5 p. 1044-1056
6 Experimental investigation and analytical modelling for forming of circular-clamped plates by using gases mixture detonation Babaei, Hashem

234 5 p. 1102-1111
7 Microstructural characterization and in-process traverse force during friction stir welding of austenitic stainless steel Siddiquee, Arshad Noor

234 5 p. 1031-1043
8 Multi-objective optimization for multi-stage sequential plastic injection molding with plating process using RSM and PCA-based weighted-GRA Sreedharan, J

234 5 p. 1014-1030
9 On modal analysis of axially functionally graded material beam under hygrothermal effect Sharma, Pankaj

234 5 p. 1085-1101
10 Tool wear condition monitoring based on wavelet transform and improved extreme learning machine Laddada, Soufiane

234 5 p. 1057-1068
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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