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1 Effect of angular misalignment on the stiffness of the double-row self-aligning ball bearing Geng, Keke

234 4 p. 946-962
2 Experimentally study of dynamic pressure distribution and oil film forces in journal bearing using ElectroMechanical Film sensor array Chen, Changmin

234 4 p. 903-913
3 Friction and wear performance of bionic stripped piston of BW-160 slime pump Gao, Tianyu

234 4 p. 872-881
4 Multi-objective optimization of residual stresses and distortion in submerged arc welding process using Genetic Algorithm and Harmony Search Ansaripour, Navid

234 4 p. 862-871
5 Numerical study on the combustion characteristics in a porous-free flame burner for lean mixtures Ghorashi, Seyed Amin

234 4 p. 935-945
6 Optimal sequential preventive maintenance policy for a repairable system with maintenance windows Gao, Wenke

234 4 p. 963-977
7 Prediction of mechanical and thermal properties of polymer nanocomposites reinforced by coiled carbon nanotubes for possible application as impact absorbent Kianfar, Armin

234 4 p. 882-902
8 Stationary random vibration of a viscoelastic Timoshenko cantilever beam under diverse random processes Zhou, Qingzhao

234 4 p. 849-861
9 Theoretical thermodynamic performance assessment of various environment-friendly novel refrigerants used in refrigeration systems Shaik, Sharmas Vali

234 4 p. 914-934
                             9 gevonden resultaten
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