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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 Analysis of the oxide occurrence on WEDM surfaces in relation to subsequent surface treatments Mouralova, K

234 3 p. 721-733
2 An efficient method for the dynamic modeling and analysis of Stewart parallel manipulator based on the screw theory Hou, Yulei

234 3 p. 808-821
3 Characteristics of large- and small-scale structures in the turbulent boundary layer over a drag-reducing riblet surface Zhang, Zi-Liang

234 3 p. 796-807
4 Design and study on the tailorable directional thermal expansion of dual-material planar metamaterial Yang, Rui

234 3 p. 837-846
5 Dynamic response of a bi-axially pre-stressed bi-layered plate resting on a rigid foundation under a harmonic force Daşdemir, Ahmet

234 3 p. 784-795
6 Free vibration response of carbon nanotube reinforced pretwisted conical shell under thermal environment Maji, Pabitra

234 3 p. 770-783
7 Loading path optimization of shaft clinching forming assembly using finite element simulation and response surface methodology Shu, Weicai

234 3 p. 734-745
8 Monitoring tool wear using wavelet package decomposition and a novel gravitational search algorithm–least square support vector machine model Kong, Dongdong

234 3 p. 822-836
9 Spectral analysis of guided wave propagation in discretized domains under local interactions Packo, Pawel

234 3 p. 746-769
                             9 gevonden resultaten
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