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1 Activity and advanced cancer: A grounded theory Lowe, Sonya S

34 2 p. 231-244
2 ‘. . . and then no more kisses!’ Exploring patients’ experiences on multidrug-resistant bacterial microorganisms and hygiene measures in end-of-life care A mixed-methods study Heckel, Maria

34 2 p. 219-230
3 Community knowledge of and attitudes to palliative care: A descriptive study Collins, Anna

34 2 p. 245-252
4 Geriatric oncology and palliative care: Cautionary on using geriatric assessment as a sole basis to limit care Goh, Wen Yang

34 2 p. 253-254
5 “I’m going to push this door open. You can close it”: A qualitative study of the brokering work of oncology clinic nurses in introducing early palliative care Mohammed, Shan

34 2 p. 209-218
6 Perspectives of elders and their adult children of Black and minority ethnic heritage on end-of-life conversations: A meta-ethnography De Souza, Joanna

34 2 p. 195-208
7 Reply to the letter to the editor ‘Geriatric-oncology and palliative care: cautionary on using geriatric assessment as a sole basis to limit care’ Kirkhus, Lene

34 2 p. 255-256
8 Self-management of patients with advanced cancer: A systematic review of experiences and attitudes van Dongen, Sophie I

34 2 p. 160-178
9 The effectiveness of aromatherapy, massage and reflexology in people with palliative care needs: A systematic review Candy, Bridget

34 2 p. 179-194
10 Valuing palliative care nursing and extending the reach Phillips, Jane

34 2 p. 157-159
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