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1 ‘Ayn mika: Traumatic experience, social invisibility, and emotional distress of sub-Saharan women with precarious status in Morocco Mekki-Berrada, Abdelwahed

56 6 p. 1170-1190
2 Homophobia in Health Professionals in Ankara, Turkey: Developing a Scale Yertutanol, Fatma Duygu Kaya

56 6 p. 1191-1217
3 Impact of the Charter of Quebec Values on psychological well-being of francophone university students Hassan, Ghayda

56 6 p. 1139-1154
4 Religious affiliation and the intention to choose psychiatry as a specialty among physicians in training from 11 Latin American countries Calizaya-Gallegos, Carlo

56 6 p. 1237-1254
5 Second-generation Western Muslims: A qualitative analysis of multiple social identities Younis, Tarek

56 6 p. 1155-1169
6 The Politics of Diversity: Pluralism, Multiculturalism and Mental Health Kirmayer, Laurence J.

56 6 p. 1119-1138
7 “Treated me … like I was family”: Qualitative Evaluation of a Culturally-Adapted Health Care Manager Intervention for Latinos with Serious Mental Illness and at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease Cabassa, Leopoldo J.

56 6 p. 1218-1236
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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