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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 “A murky business”: A phenomenological ontology of risk in child protection social work Smeeton, Joe

19 2 p. 284-300
2 Assessing quality for qualitative researchers Piedra, Lissette M

19 2 p. 169-174
3 Ethical decision-making in internet research – Investigating protest groups against Child Welfare Services on Facebook Stang, Edda

19 2 p. 301-317
4 From my own flesh and blood: An exploratory examination of discrimination from family for Black/White Multiracial people Franco, Marisa

19 2 p. 246-266
5 How Twitter is changing the meaning of scholarly impact and engagement: Implications for qualitative social work research Burns, Victoria F

19 2 p. 178-191
6 In this issue … A glimpse into our cluttered landscape Piedra, Lissette M

19 2 p. 175-177
7 Making visible an invisible trade: Exploring the everyday experiences of doing social work and being a social worker Leigh, Jadwiga

19 2 p. 267-283
8 Regional variations in care planning in Northern Ireland: Proposing an ecological model of decision-making Fargas-Malet, Montserrat

19 2 p. 229-245
9 “They took all my clothes and made me walk naked for two days so I couldn’t escape”: Latina immigrant experiences of human smuggling in Mexico Cleaveland, Carol

19 2 p. 213-228
10 Women’s use of force: Hostility intertwines in Chinese family context Choi, Anna W M

19 2 p. 192-212
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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