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1 A Transdisciplinary Conceptual Framework of Contextualized Resilience for Reducing Adverse Birth Outcomes Sumbul, Tijen

30 1 p. 105-118
2 Changes in Family Dynamics in Caregiving for People With Dementia in South Korea: A Qualitative Meta-Synthesis Study Oh, Seieun

30 1 p. 60-72
3 Chronic Paradoxes: A Systematic Review of Qualitative Family Perspectives on Living With Congenital Heart Defects Svensson, Marie Kofod

30 1 p. 119-132
4 Maintaining Social Connections in Dementia: A Qualitative Synthesis Birt, Linda

30 1 p. 23-42
5 Men and Miscarriage: A Systematic Review and Thematic Synthesis Williams, Helen M.

30 1 p. 133-145
6 Parenting Among Mothers Who Experienced Child Sexual Abuse: A Qualitative Systematic Review Lange, Brittany C. L.

30 1 p. 146-161
7 Patient and Health Care Provider Needs and Preferences in Understanding Pharmacogenomic and Genomic Testing: A Meta-Data Analysis Veilleux, Sophie

30 1 p. 43-59
8 Patients’ Experiences of Cardiovascular Health Education and Risk Communication: A Qualitative Synthesis Mentrup, Stefanie

30 1 p. 88-104
9 Sporting Activities for Individuals Who Experienced Trauma During Their Youth: A Meta-Study Massey, William V.

30 1 p. 73-87
10 The Experience of Living to an Extreme Age: A Meta-Ethnography Toye, Francine

30 1 p. 3-22
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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