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1 A survey into the experience of musically induced chills: Emotions, situations and music Bannister, Scott

48 2 p. 297-314
2 Cognitive sex differences in effects of music in Wisconsin Card Sorting Test Feizpour, Azadeh

48 2 p. 252-265
3 Does doubled singing increase children’s accuracy? A re-examination of previous findings Nichols, Bryan E.

48 2 p. 315-324
4 Exploring lived experiences of spirituality amongst five Dalcroze teachers van der Merwe, Liesl

48 2 p. 163-181
5 How listening to music and engagement with other media provide a sense of belonging: An exploratory study of social surrogacy Schäfer, Katharina

48 2 p. 232-251
6 Passion at the heart of musicians’ well-being Bonneville-Roussy, Arielle

48 2 p. 266-282
7 Perception and experience of musical emotions in schizophrenia Kerkova, Barbora

48 2 p. 199-214
8 Revisiting singing proficiency in three-year-olds Gudmundsdottir, Helga R.

48 2 p. 283-296
9 The subjective, human experience of groove: A phenomenological investigation Hosken, Fred

48 2 p. 182-198
10 What helps jazz musicians name tunes from harmony? The relationship between work with harmony and the ability to identify well-known jazz standards from chord progressions Jimenez, Ivan

48 2 p. 215-231
                             10 results found
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