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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 A fourfold interpenetrating three-dimensional cadmium(II) coordination polymer: synthesis, crystal structure and physical properties Wu, Ji-Pei

77 6 p. 257-261
2 Bis(2-nitrophenyl) selenide, bis(2-aminophenyl) selenide and bis(2-aminophenyl) telluride: structural and theoretical analysis Saravanan, Raju

77 6 p. 271-280
3 Contributions of secondary alcohol–ketone O—H...O=C and furan–acetate Csp2—H...OOC synthons to the supramolecular packings of two bioactive molecules Kenfack Tsobnang, Patrice

77 6 p. 312-320
4 Crystal structure characterization and electronic structure of a rare-earth-containing Zintl phase in the Yb–Al–Sb family: Yb3AlSb3 Shang, Rongqing

77 6 p. 281-285
5 Novel Ba2+ and Pb2+ metal–organic frameworks based on a semi-rigid tetracarboxylic acid: syntheses, structures, topologies and luminescence properties Sun, Yanwen

77 6 p. 291-298
6 Synthesis, spectroscopic investigation, crystal structure analysis, quantum chemical study, biological activity and molecular docking of three isatin derivatives Bargavi, Srinivasan

77 6 p. 299-311
7 Unique octahedral rotation pattern in the oxygen-deficient Ruddlesden–Popper compound Gd3Ba2Fe4O12 Urushihara, Daisuke

77 6 p. 286-290
8 Varying degrees of homostructurality in a series of cocrystals of antimalarial drug 11-azaartemisinin with salicylic acids Roy, Monalisa

77 6 p. 262-270
                             8 gevonden resultaten
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