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1 New node on the block for organic solid-state chemists: rtct-tetrakis(pyridin-4-yl)cyclobutane Reinheimer, Eric W.

77 3 p. 123-124
2 (NH4)Mg(HSO4)(SO4)(H2O)2 and NaSc(CrO4)2(H2O)2, two crystal structures comprising kröhnkite-type chains, and the temperature-induced phase transition (NH4)Mg(HSO4)(SO4)(H2O)2 (NH4)MgH(SO4)2(H2O)2 Weil, Matthias

77 3 p. 144-151
3 Nitroxide radicals appended to phthalonitriles: synthesis, structural characterization and photophysical properties Fidan, Ismail

77 3 p. 137-143
4 Structural and theoretical analysis of 2-chloro-4-nitroaniline and 2-methyl-6-nitroaniline salts Medviediev, Volodymyr

77 3 p. 125-136
5 Syntheses and solid-state structures of two cofacial (bis)dipyrrin dichromium complexes in different charge states Carsch, Kurtis

77 3 p. 161-166
6 Synthesis and characterization of enantiopure planar–chiral phosphorus-linked diferrocenes Honegger, Philipp

77 3 p. 152-160
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