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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 Chiral anionic layers in tartramide spiroborate salts and variable solvation for [NR4][B(TarNH2)2] (R = Et, Pr or Bu) Soecipto, Aristyo

76 7 p. 695-705
2 Crystal and geometry-optimized structure of an anthracene-based Diels–Alder adduct Hillman, Zachary E.

76 7 p. 639-646
3 Crystal structures of two isostructural compounds: a second polymorph of dipotassium hydrogen citrate, K2HC6H5O7, and potassium rubidium hydrogen citrate, KRbHC6H5O7 Gonzalez, Diana

76 7 p. 706-715
4 Fourfold alkyl wrapping of a copper(II) porphyrin thwarts macrocycle π–π stacking in a compact supramolecular package Nalaoh, Phattananawee

76 7 p. 647-654
5 Intermolecular interactions and disorder in six isostructural celecoxib solvates Bond, Andrew D.

76 7 p. 632-638
6 Reactivity trends of cobalt(III) complexes towards various amino acids based on the properties of the amino acid alkyl chains Arderne, Charmaine

76 7 p. 663-672
7 Synthesis, structure and biological activity of four new picolinohydrazonamide derivatives Szczesio, Małgorzata

76 7 p. 673-680
8 Synthesis, structure and magnetism of a new ionic pentanuclear iron cluster Deng, Qianjun

76 7 p. 690-694
9 The conformational analyses of 2-amino-N-[2-(dimethylphenoxy)ethyl]propan-1-ol derivatives in different environments Nitek, Wojciech

76 7 p. 681-689
10 Tracking the dissolution–recrystallization structural transformation (DRST) of copper(II) complexes: a combined crystallographic, mass spectrometric and DFT study Deng, Qian-Jun

76 7 p. 655-662
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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