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1 A novel three-dimensional zinc(II) coordination polymer based on 3,3′-{[1,3-phenylenebis(methylene)]bis(oxy)}dibenzoic acid and 1,4-bis(pyridin-4-yl)benzene: synthesis, crystal structure and photocatalytic properties Xue, Yun-Shan

76 4 p. 353-358
2 Bases, solvates and salts: new benzimidazole- and pyridine-scaffolded ligands Bocian, Aleksandra

76 4 p. 367-374
3 Effect of the position of a methoxy substituent on the antimicrobial activity and crystal structures of 4-methyl-1,6-diphenylpyrimidine-2(1H)-selenone derivatives Żesławska, Ewa

76 4 p. 359-366
4 Influence of fluorine substitution on the molecular conformation of 3′-deoxy-3′-fluoro-5-methyluridine Aher, Manisha N.

76 4 p. 346-352
5 Synthesis and crystallographic studies of two new 1,3,5-triazines Patricio-Rangel, Emmanuel Blas

76 4 p. 322-327
6 Synthesis, experimental and in silico studies of N-fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl-O-tert-butyl-N-methyltyrosine, coupled with CSD data: a survey of interactions in the crystal structures of Fmoc–amino acids Bojarska, Joanna

76 4 p. 328-345
7 There's many a good tune played on an old fiddle – a new colour for Alfred Werner's isomer counting Constable, Edwin C.

76 4 p. 312-313
8 Two new cadmium(II) coordination polymers based on imidazole-containing ligands: synthesis, structural characterization and fluorescence properties Li, Bing-Feng

76 4 p. 314-321
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