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1 Crystal structure of monoclinic hafnia (HfO2) revisited with synchrotron X-ray, neutron diffraction and first-principles calculations Pathak, Santanu

76 11 p. 1034-1042
2 Crystal structures of salts of bedaquiline Okezue, Mercy

76 11 p. 1010-1023
3 (E)-4-Bromo-2-[(phenylimino)methyl]phenol: a new polymorph and thermochromism Mason, Helen E.

76 11 p. 1001-1004
4 Platinum(II) complex with 4-nitro-N-(pyridin-2-ylmethylidene)aniline: synthesis, characterization, crystal structure and antioxidant activity Khalaj, Mehdi

76 11 p. 1005-1009
5 Two new CdII MOFs of 1,4-bis(1H-benzimidazol-1-yl)butane and flexible dicarboxylate ligands: luminescence sensing towards Fe3+ Zhao, Fang-Hua

76 11 p. 1024-1033
                             5 results found
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