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1 Cold noses provide hot take on social cognition Allen, Colin

49 3 p. 263-264
2 Extraordinary claims, extraordinary evidence? A discussion Shiffrin, Richard M.

49 3 p. 265-275
3 Jumping spiders: An exceptional group for comparative cognition studies Aguilar-Arguello, Samuel

49 3 p. 276-291
4 Longer operant lever-press duration requirements induce fewer but longer response bouts in rats Brackney, Ryan J.

49 3 p. 330-342
5 Mixed effects modeling of Morris water maze data revisited: Bayesian censored regression Young, Michael E.

49 3 p. 307-320
6 Rainbow trout discriminate 2-D photographs of conspecifics from distracting stimuli using an innovative operant conditioning device Kleiber, Aude

49 3 p. 292-306
7 Taking shortcuts in the study of cognitive maps Miller, Noam

49 3 p. 261-262
8 The lack of validity hinders research in animal cognition Miklósi, Ádám

49 3 p. 259-260
9 The olfactory capability of dogs to discriminate between different quantities of food Jackson, Shayla M.

49 3 p. 321-329
                             9 results found
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