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1 Auditory sentence comprehension in children with cochlear implants after simple visual discrimination training with specific auditory-visual consequences das Neves, Anderson Jonas

49 2 p. 240-258
2 Designer receptor inhibition suggests mechanism for monkey Theory of Mind Hampton, Robert R.

49 2 p. 171-172
3 Dogs demonstrate memory of incidentally encoded information Krichbaum, Sarah

49 2 p. 173-174
4 Exploring the impact of coherence (through the presence versus absence of feedback) and levels of derivation on persistent rule-following Harte, Colin

49 2 p. 222-239
5 It’s not just the animals that are STRANGE Farrar, Benjamin G.

49 2 p. 169-170
6 Learning in Cnidaria: A systematic review Cheng, Ken

49 2 p. 175-189
7 Pigeons’ midsession reversal: Greater magnitude of reinforcement on the first half of the session leads to improved accuracy Mueller, Peyton M.

49 2 p. 190-195
8 Time-of-day affects the amount rats run during daily sessions in activity wheels Boakes, Robert A.

49 2 p. 196-203
9 Towards a resolution of some outstanding issues in transitive research: An empirical test on middle childhood Wright, Barlow C.

49 2 p. 204-221
                             9 results found
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