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1 Addition and subtraction by honeybees Roberts, William A.

48 2 p. 191-192
2 A fish eye view of the mirror test Vonk, Jennifer

48 2 p. 193-194
3 Animal procrastination: Pigeons choose to defer experiencing an aversive gap or a peck requirement Zentall, Thomas R.

48 2 p. 246-253
4 Effect of the number of training trials on the event-related potential correlates of equivalence relations do Espírito-Santo, Ryan Ríguel Barbosa

48 2 p. 221-233
5 Episodic time in the brain: A new world order Buhusi, Catalin V.

48 2 p. 189-190
6 Extinction of a Pavlovian-conditioned inhibitor leads to stimulus-specific inhibition Polack, Cody W.

48 2 p. 234-245
7 Human free-operant performance varies with a concurrent task: Probability learning without a task, and schedule-consistent with a task Reed, Phil

48 2 p. 254-273
8 Reversal training facilitates acquisition of new learning in a Morris water maze Alcalá, José A.

48 2 p. 208-220
9 The midsession reversal task: A theoretical analysis Zentall, Thomas R.

48 2 p. 195-207
                             9 results found
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