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1 Does the Context of Racial Discrimination Matter for Adolescent School Outcomes?: The Impact of In-School Racial Discrimination and General Racial Discrimination on Black Adolescents’ Outcomes Gale, Adrian

12 2 p. 171-185
2 Gluttons for Punishment? African American Celebrities and the Dilemma of Black Leadership McClerking, Harwood K.

12 2 p. 154-170
3 Race/Ethnic and Socioeconomic Microaggressions Experienced by Low-Income Parents in Three US Cities Stokes, Lynissa R.

12 2 p. 145-153
4 Relationships Between the Great Recession and Widening Maternal and Child Health Disparities: Findings from Washington and Florida Abu-Rish Blakeney, Erin

12 2 p. 87-102
5 The Reliability of Same-Race and Cross-Race Skin Tone Judgments Hannon, Lance

12 2 p. 186-194
6 The Role of Neighborhood Experiences in Psychological Distress Among African American and White Smokers Scheuermann, Taneisha S.

12 2 p. 133-144
7 Uncovering Alternate Ethnic Identity Trajectories: A Cluster Analysis of the MEIM and Psychological Well-Being Cross, William E.

12 2 p. 103-111
8 Words and Hugs: Emotional Support for Latino and Asian Children of Immigrants Compared to their White Counterparts with Native-Born Parentage Lanuza, Yader R.

12 2 p. 112-132
                             8 gevonden resultaten
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