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1 Analysis of maize commercialization among smallholder farmers: empirical evidence from North Western Ethiopia Wassihun, Agerie Nega

15 1 p. 113-127
2 A spatial hedonic approach for modeling the relationship between quality of urban life and housing prices, case study: Alexandria city, Egypt Abdrabo, Mohamed A.

15 1 p. 59-77
3 Examining spatially heterogeneous preferences for coastal ecosystem restoration with Bayesian spatial probit approaches Kabaya, Kei

15 1 p. 99-112
4 Natural resource and economic growth nexus in Nigeria: a disaggregated approach Inuwa, Nasiru

15 1 p. 17-37
5 Risks and risk responses of rice farmers in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam Nguyen, Kiet Tuan

15 1 p. 129-144
6 Smallholder households’ willingness to pay for sustainable agricultural water supply in case of North West Ethiopia Wassihun, Agerie Nega

15 1 p. 79-98
7 The role of pre-pandemic teleworking and E-commerce culture in the COVID-19 dispersion in Europe Christopoulos, Konstantinos

15 1 p. 1-16
8 Urban growth and its impact on land surface temperature in an industrial city in Aceh, Indonesia Achmad, Ashfa

15 1 p. 39-58
                             8 results found
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