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1 Agglomeration economies, congestion diseconomies, and fertility dynamics in a two-region economy Muroishi, Madoka

14 1 p. 51-63
2 Geographically weighted bivariate generalized Poisson regression: application to infant and maternal mortality data Purhadi,

14 1 p. 79-99
3 Investigating density-dependent patterns of population growth in Southern Italy, 1861–2019 Egidi, Gianluca

14 1 p. 11-30
4 Reference-dependent preference and interregional migration: extending the Harris–Todaro model Yonemoto, Kiyoshi

14 1 p. 1-10
5 Spatial links in the analysis of voter turnout in European Parliamentary elections Fiorino, Nadia

14 1 p. 65-78
6 Urbanization, coal consumption and CO2 emissions nexus in China using bootstrap Fourier Granger causality test in quantiles Cheng, Kai

14 1 p. 31-49
                             6 results found
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