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1 Determination of ethambutol in biological samples using graphene oxide based dispersive solid-phase microextraction followed by ion mobility spectrometry Shafiee, Ali

23 1 p. 19-27
2 Possible strategy to use differential mobility spectrometry in real time applications Anttalainen, Osmo

23 1 p. 1-8
3 Sensitive determination of ketamine, methylphenidate, and tramadol in urine and wastewater samples by Porous Aromatic Framework-48 assisted electromembrane extraction coupled with ion mobility spectrometer Mirzaei, Fahimeh

23 1 p. 29-37
4 Stable compensation voltages in differential mobility spectra by separating neutral vapors from ions in sample flow Fowler, P. E.

23 1 p. 9-17
5 Toward the chemical agent monitor: technologies and developments in England and the United States from 1965 to 1982 Eiceman, Abigail E.

23 1 p. 39-49
                             5 results found
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