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1 Analysis of the Charcoal Market Chain in Northwest Ethiopia Worku, Aemro

20 3 p. 407-424
2 Applying the Transtheoretical Model of Change to Legacy Planning Decisions Quartuch, Michael R.

20 3 p. 457-478
3 A Success Story of Collective Action Changing Public Policy: Farmers' Innovation in the Face of Repressive Forestry Policy in Zambrana Abajo, Dominican Republic Sibelet, Nicole

20 3 p. 351-369
4 Changing Rural Livelihoods and Forest Use Transition in the Middle Hills of Nepal K C, Bhawana

20 3 p. 479-501
5 Ethnobotany of Highland Bamboo (Arundinaria alpina (K. Schum.)) in Southern Ethiopia Bahru, Tinsae

20 3 p. 425-455
6 Farmers’ Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Aquasilviculture in the Periphery of the Sundarbans Forest of Bangladesh Sharmin, Arifa

20 3 p. 391-405
7 Farmers’ Perceptions, Socio‐economic and Political Stakes: What Inspires the Integration of Prunus africana On‐Farms in Central Uganda? Galabuzi, Charles

20 3 p. 371-389
8 The Transition from Arid Farming Systems to Agroforestry Systems in Pakistan: A Comparison of Monetary Returns Abbas, Ghulam

20 3 p. 325-350
                             8 results found
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