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1 Citizen Science Fiction: The Potential of Situated Speculative Prototyping for Public Engagement on Emerging Technologies Schuijer, Jantien W.

15 1 p. 1-18
2 Dialectics of Technical Emancipation—Considerations on a Reflexive, Sustainable Technology Development Jochum, Georg

15 1 p. 29-41
3 Technopolitics from Below: A Framework for the Analysis of Digital Politics of Production Schaupp, Simon

15 1 p. 71-86
4 The Three Pillars of Functional Autonomy of Hackers Söderberg, Johan

15 1 p. 43-56
5 Towards a Digital Workerism: Workers’ Inquiry, Methods, and Technologies Woodcock, Jamie

15 1 p. 87-98
6 Towards Emancipatory Technology Studies Frey, Philipp

15 1 p. 19-27
7 Who Cares for Agile Work? In/Visibilized Work Practices and Their Emancipatory Potential Coban, Alev

15 1 p. 57-70
                             7 results found
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