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1 Art-Science Collaboration in an EPSRC/BBSRC-Funded Synthetic Biology UK Research Centre Reinsborough, Michael

14 1 p. 93-111
2 BrisSynBio Art-Science Dossier Fannin, Maria

14 1 p. 27-41
3 Generative Critique in Interdisciplinary Collaborations: From Critique in and of the Neurosciences to Socio-Technical Integration Research as a Practice of Critique in R(R)I Smolka, Mareike

14 1 p. 1-19
4 Living Machines: Metaphors We Live By Vaage, Nora S.

14 1 p. 57-70
5 Noise and Synthetic Biology: How to Deal with Stochasticity? Prado Casanova, Miguel

14 1 p. 113-122
6 Philosophy and Synthetic Biology: the BrisSynBio Experiment Meacham, Darian

14 1 p. 21-25
7 The Diversity of Engineering in Synthetic Biology Simons, Massimiliano

14 1 p. 71-91
8 The Ethics and Ontology of Synthetic Biology: a Neo-Aristotelian Perspective Coyne, Lewis

14 1 p. 43-55
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