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1 Aptamer-Based DNA Materials for the Separation and Analysis of Biological Particles Zhu, Chenxu

27 6 p. 450-459
2 Correction to: Influence of Orifice Position Deviations on Distribution Performance of Gravity-Type Liquid Distributor Analyzed Through Mathematical Pathway Sun, Jinsheng

27 6 p. 505
3 Heat Transfer Characteristics and Pressure Drop in a Horizontal Circulating Fluidized Bed Evaporator Liang, Xu

27 6 p. 487-504
4 Metal–Organic Framework-Based Solid Acid Materials for Biomass Upgrade Qin, Yutian

27 6 p. 434-449
5 Solubility and Thermodynamic Properties of Sulfamethazine–Saccharin Cocrystal in Pure and Binary (Acetonitrile + 2-Propanol) Solvents Wei, Hongyuan

27 6 p. 460-472
6 Space Charge Layer Effect in Sulfide Solid Electrolytes in All-Solid-State Batteries: In-situ Characterization and Resolution He, Wei

27 6 p. 423-433
7 Transcriptome Profiling of Abscisic Acid-Related Pathways in SNAC4/9-Silenced Tomato Fruits Liu, Yefang

27 6 p. 473-486
                             7 results found
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