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1 Erratum to: On a Method of Constructing Quadrature Formulas for Computing Hypersingular Integrals Boikov, I. V

15 4 p. 380
2 Erratum to: On a Numerical Model of a Circadian Oscillator Akinshin, A. A

15 4 p. 379
3 Erratum to: On the Advantages of Nonstandard Finite Difference Discretizations for Differential Problems Conte, D.

15 4 p. 381
4 Estimation of Pointwise Approximation Error Using a Set of Numerical Solutions Alekseev, A. K.

15 4 p. 281-292
5 Experimental Study of Some Solvers of 3D Boundary Value Subproblems on Regular Subgrids of Quasi-Structured Parallelepipedal Grids Klimonov, I. A.

15 4 p. 353-363
6 New Convergence Mode For Generalized Spectrum Approximation Kamouche, S.

15 4 p. 336-342
7 On Discretization of the Evolution p-Bi-Laplace Equation Djaghout, M.

15 4 p. 303-315
8 On the Sensitivity of the Canonical Angles of a Unitoid Matrix Ikramov, Kh. D.

15 4 p. 331-335
9 On the Variance of Estimation of a Diffusion Process Functional in a Domain with a Reflecting Boundary Gusev, S. A.

15 4 p. 293-302
10 Solving the Pure Neumann Problem by a Mixed Finite Element Method Ivanov, M. I.

15 4 p. 316-330
11 Stability Domains of Explicit Multistep Methods Kireev, I. V.

15 4 p. 343-352
12 Uniqueness Conditions and Numerical Approximation of the Solution to M. M. Lavrentiev’s Integral Equation Kokurin, M. Yu.

15 4 p. 364-378
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