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1 An Implicit Multilayer Parallel Algorithm for a Multidimensional Wave Equation Algazin, S. D.

15 3 p. 197-202
2 Finite Difference Schemes of 4th Order Approximation for Maxwell’s Equations Mastryukov, A. F

15 3 p. 236-246
3 Fitted Operator Method over Gaussian Quadrature Formula for Parabolic Singularly Perturbed Convection-Diffusion Problem Tefera, D. M.

15 3 p. 256-269
4 Generalization of the Gauss–Jordan Method for Solving Homogeneous Infinite Systems of Linear Algebraic Equations Fedorov, F. M

15 3 p. 270-280
5 Monte Carlo Simulation of Ring-Shaped Structures of Laser Pulse Radiation Scattered in Atmospheric Clouds and Water Media Prigarin, S. M

15 3 p. 247-255
6 On a Method of Constructing Quadrature Formulas for Computing Hypersingular Integrals Boikov, I. V

15 3 p. 203-218
7 On a Numerical Model of a Circadian Oscillator Akinshin, A. A

15 3 p. 187-196
8 On the Advantages of Nonstandard Finite Difference Discretizations for Differential Problems Conte, D.

15 3 p. 219-235
                             8 results found
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