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1 A Multiplicative Model for the Identification of Time Series Components Zorkaltsev, V. I.

15 2 p. 90-103
2 An Efficient Logarithmic Barrier Method without Line Search for Convex Quadratic Programming Chaghoub, S.

15 2 p. 156-169
3 A Numerical Algorithm for Solving the Prandtl Equations with Induced Pressure in the Periodic Case Gaydukov, R. K.

15 2 p. 79-89
4 A Piecewise-Linear Reconstruction to Reduce the Dissipation of the HLL Method in Solving the Gas Dynamics Equations Kulikov, I. M.

15 2 p. 112-124
5 Approximation Properties of Some Modified Szász–Mirakjan–Kantorovich Operators Yadav, R.

15 2 p. 170-185
6 Behavior Change in a Virus-Resistance HIV-1 Mathematical Model Musa, R.

15 2 p. 138-155
7 Mathematical Modeling and Computational Aspects of Multi-Criteria Optimization of the Conditions of a Laboratory Catalytic Reaction Koledina, K. F.

15 2 p. 104-111
8 Regularization of Fourier Series with Approximate Coefficients for the Problem of Phase Probability Density Function Estimation Maslakov, M. L.

15 2 p. 125-137
                             8 results found
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