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1 A Method of Numerical Modelling of a Magnetotelluric Field in a Horizontally Homogeneous Medium: Difference Schemes and Convergence Estimates Zabinyakova, O. V.

15 1 p. 27-43
2 On an Approach to Qualitative Analysis of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems Irtegov, V. D.

15 1 p. 48-62
3 On an Approach to the Numerical Solution of Dirichlet Problems of Arbitrary Dimensions Semisalov, B. V.

15 1 p. 63-78
4 One Method for Simulating Inhomogeneous Poisson Point Process Averina, T. A.

15 1 p. 1-15
5 On Matrices Whose Cosquares are Diagonalizable and Have Real Spectra Ikramov, Kh. D.

15 1 p. 44-47
6 Solving Two-Dimensional Problems of Gas Dynamics Using an Implicit Scheme for the Discontinuous Galerkin Method on Unstructured Triangular Grids Zhalnin, R. V.

15 1 p. 16-26
                             6 results found
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