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1 Algal blooms as a reactive dynamic response to seasonal perturbation in an experimental system Fryxell, John M.

16 2 p. 151-160
2 Analyzing the effect of restrictions on the COVID-19 outbreak for some US states Demir, Mahir

16 2 p. 117-129
3 Coexistence in spatiotemporally fluctuating environments Johnson, Evan C.

16 2 p. 59-92
4 Functional diversity increases the resistance of a tritrophic food web to environmental changes Adje, George

16 2 p. 131-150
5 Habitat distribution affects connectivity and population size in migratory networks Patel, Swati

16 2 p. 93-103
6 The effect of non-linear competitive interactions on quantifying niche and fitness differences Spaak, Jurg W.

16 2 p. 161-170
7 Thermal asymmetries influence effects of warming on stage and size-dependent predator–prey interactions Pepi, Adam

16 2 p. 105-115
                             7 results found
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