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1 A general mathematical model for coevolutionary dynamics of mutualisms with partner discrimination Ezoe, Hideo

15 3 p. 203-211
2 Estimation of the present status of the species based on the theoretical bounds of environmental noise intensity: An illustration through a big abundance data and simulation Paul, Ayan

15 3 p. 245-266
3 Herbivore population dynamics in response to plant allocation strategies Ji, Fang

15 3 p. 191-202
4 Host plant limitation of butterflies in highly fragmented landscapes Crone, Elizabeth E.

15 3 p. 165-175
5 Ideal free flows of optimal foragers: Vertical migrations in the ocean Thygesen, Uffe Høgsbro

15 3 p. 213-224
6 Intraspecific variation promotes coexistence under competition for essential resources Holdridge, Erica M.

15 3 p. 225-244
7 Size-dependent fitness trade-offs of foraging in the presence of predators for prey with different growth patterns Montovan, Kathryn J.

15 3 p. 177-189
8 What’s in a resource gradient? Comparing alternative cues for foraging in dynamic environments via movement, perception, and memory Fagan, William F.

15 3 p. 267-282
                             8 results found
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