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1 A New Method for Landmark-Based Studies of the Dynamic Stability of Growth, with Implications for Evolutionary Analyses Bookstein, Fred L.

48 4 p. 428-457
2 Consistent Prevalence of Spondyloarthropathy Over 2300 Years: Ancient Egyptians and the Synchronic Baboon Catacomb Rothschild, Bruce M.

48 4 p. 394-403
3 Evolutionary Invasion Analysis in Structured Populations Williams, Paul David

48 4 p. 422-427
4 Natural Barriers and Internal Sources for the Reproductive Isolation in Sympatric Salmonids from the Lake–River System Markevich, G. N.

48 4 p. 407-421
5 New Avenues for Old Travellers: Phenotypic Evolutionary Trends Meet Morphodynamics, and Both Enter the Global Change Biology Era Tamagnini, Davide

48 4 p. 379-393
6 Overcoming the Spurious Groups Problem in Between-Group PCA Thioulouse, Jean

48 4 p. 458-471
7 What if… Sponges Originated 890 Million Years Ago? On the Emergence of Some Precursors of Animal Sentience Andrade, Michaella P.

48 4 p. 404-406
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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