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1 A Giant Eocene Whale from Ukraine Uncovers Early Cetacean Adaptations to the Fully Aquatic Life Davydenko, Svitozar

48 1 p. 67-80
2 A Pre-registered Meta-analysis Based on Three Empirical Studies Reveals No Association Between Prenatal (Amniotic) Cortisol Exposure and Fluctuating Asymmetry in Human Infants Bushell, Will

48 1 p. 54-66
3 Genetic Divergence Across Glacial Refugia Despite Interglacial Gene Flow in a Crested Newt Wielstra, Ben

48 1 p. 17-26
4 How Changes in Functional Demands Associated with Captivity Affect the Skull Shape of a Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) Neaux, Dimitri

48 1 p. 27-40
5 How Exactly Did the Nose Get That Long? A Critical Rethinking of the Pinocchio Effect and How Shape Changes Relate to Landmarks Klingenberg, Christian Peter

48 1 p. 115-127
6 Misconceptions About Historical Sciences in Evolutionary Biology de Santis, Marcelo Domingos

48 1 p. 94-99
7 Repeatability and Validity of Phenotypic Trait Measurements in Birds Subasinghe, Kalya

48 1 p. 100-114
8 The Network Ontogeny of the Parrot: Altriciality, Dynamic Skeletal Assemblages, and the Avian Body Plan Carril, Julieta

48 1 p. 41-53
9 Unlinking the Speciation Steps: Geographical Factors Drive Changes in Sexual Signals of an Amazonian Nurse-Frog Through Body Size Variation Fernandes, Igor Yuri

48 1 p. 81-93
10 Why Clusters and Other Patterns Can Seem to be Found in Analyses of High-Dimensional Data Rohlf, F. James

48 1 p. 1-16
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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