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1 Depth of Schemes Embedded in a Unit Cube and Implementing Typical Boolean Functions Lozhkin, S. A.

43 4 p. 177-180
2 Efficient Equivalence-Checking Algorithms for Procedural Programs in Progressive Semigroup Gateway Models Podymov, V. V.

43 4 p. 181-187
3 Exact Solutions to One Nonlinear Sobolev Equation Aristov, A. I.

43 4 p. 156-165
4 On Bilinear Complexity of Multiplying 2 × 2-Matrix by 2 × m-Matrix over Finite Field Alekseev, V. B.

43 4 p. 149-155
5 Problem of Stabilizing a Switching System Using a Piecewise-Linear Control System Atanesyan, A. A.

43 4 p. 166-176
6 Queue Length in a Queuing System with Dependent Service Times Ushakov, V. G.

43 4 p. 188-195
7 Refining the Upper Bound for the Cardinality of the Definition Domain of Universal Functions for a Class of Linear Boolean Functions Voronenko, A. A.

43 4 p. 196-197
                             7 results found
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